Hello and welcome to the official website of Prism, Truman State University's Pride Alliance! We want to make you feel welcome and safe on our campus and in good old Kirksville, MO. Though our town and campus are on the small side, we never let that get in the way! With current membership around 60 students, along with support from many faculty members and alumni, Prism has had a presence at Truman for more than 20 years.

We have several big events during each semester, as well as many smaller get-togethers. There are meetings every week, small groups once a month, movie nights, game nights, tabling and petitioning, conference trips, and much more.

Come to a meeting and try us out! They're every Thursday at 8:00 pm in Violette Hall 1000 . We like to think we're pretty cool! :)


Weekly meetings are held in Violette Hall 1000 at 8pm every Thursday. We alternate between discussion-based meetings and social meetings. This semester's schedule (Spring 2015) is as follows: